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2021 New Product - Automatic Cat Litter Box + Canned Cat Food 5 KG


Scooping, litter tracking, stinky smell… sound familiar? If you use traditional litter boxes, you often face these unpleasant situations. Now there is a simple, sanitary solution. Catson is here to save you time and money! It’s an advanced auto litter box that does the scooping for you with a built-in UV sanitizer that eliminates germs and bacteria, providing you and your cats a healthy & clean life!


  1.  A Perfect Scoop-Free Solution

We believe that every cat owner should have the choice to end an unpleasant routine - Scooping. Unfortunately, if left unattended, a litter box quickly becomes unhealthy for your feline companion and yourself.

Now, pet owners can leave the scooping to Catson. Our automatic self-cleaning litter box has high tech features that detect when your cat has used the box and then initiates a 2-cycle cleaning process that removes waste and controls odors.


  1. Does the Cleaning Job Even Better Than Yourself

After your cat has left the unit, the globe will start to rotate twice (2 mins) to ensure no litter is left in the chamber. The kitty clumps are then deposited into the waste drawer equipped with a carbon-filter that controls odors. The waste drawer only needs to be emptied every 5 days, saving you more time to spend with your feline companion.


  • World's First Litter Box With UV Sanitizer

Dirty litter boxes are ideal breeding grounds for bacteria and other disease-causing microorganisms. Failure to clean them appropriately and regularly can pose serious health risks for your cat such as urinary and kidney problems. 

As the world’s first automatic cat litter box with 253.5nm wavelengths UV light, Catson is able to eliminate harmful germs and bacteria. When the host is in standby mode, take the sterilization accessory and attach it to the host. It will turn to sterilization mode automatically and starts the sanitizing process for 15 minutes.


  •  Odorless Design - Activated Carbon 

The built-in activated carbon filter provides an odor-free environment for you and your cat.


  • LED Body Scale

A built-in LED weight scale helps you keep a close eye on your cat’s weight. Changes in a cat’s weight are an important indicator of health. Each time the cat enters Catson, the intelligent body scale will provide an accurate weight for record-keeping..



  1.  Spacious Chamber

Catson is perfect for cats of all sizes from small kitties (1.54lbs) to large cats (22lbs). The globe’s spacious chamber has room for all of them!


  • Senior Cat-friendly

Catson is designed to sit low to the ground so it's easier for cats to step into without putting extra stress on their little bones. An appropriate distance (0.6 inches) between the ground and the entrance helps those old cats get into the box easier.


  1.  Multiple sensors 

Catson is equipped with sensors for motion detection including 4 gravity sensors and 1 microwave sensor. Once the cat approaches the machine, any movement will stop automatically. After the cat does its business, a new cleaning cycle will begin.


  1.  Safety Baffle Protects Cats

A safety baffle, as a backup design, blocks the complicated mechanicals to protect your kitty from harm.


  •  Reduced Litter Spillage & Usage

Special gaps on the doorstep minimize litter tracking & spillage effectively, which also reduces litter usage.

  1.  Attention To Details & Easy Cleaning

Careful consideration was given to the front door entry, the size of the waste drawer, and the scooper. Catson is compatible with any type of litter including clumping and gel crystals. The sleek design and easy disassembly allow you to clean Catson with ease, simply use a wet towel to wipe the dust off the smooth exterior.


  1.  Quiet Operation

 At only 55db during operation, Catson is a perfect fit for any feline home, providing a peaceful environment for you and your cats and keeping up on cleaning quietly in the background.

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